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Criminal Justice Season 3: Cast List, Episodes, Plot Summary, Wiki, Release Date, Storyline, Timetable and Much more

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Criminal Justice Season 3: Taking on a high-profile case involving the death of a young celebrity, Madhav Mishra (Pankaj Tripathi) must first expose the lies of his client, the victim's brother, in order to bring the killer to justice.

Review and Plot Summary of Criminal Justice Season 3

Hotstar has just released Criminal Justice Season 3, which features Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi reprising his role as Advocate Madhav Singh. The crowd was extremely enthusiastic about Criminal Justice's first and second seasons. This series' biggest obstacle this time is that it must contend with itself. In comparison to the previous two seasons, viewers expect a tighter plot and more captivating images from the upcoming season. Officially, Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach is the name of the third instalment.

Full Name Criminal Justice Season 3
IMDb RatingRating 8.1/10 **** 
Content-TypeWeb Series
Content RatingA
Release Date26 August 2022
Release Time12:00 pm
GenreCrime, Thriller
Total TimeUpdate Soon
DirectorRohan Sippy
Production CompanyApplause Entertainment & BBC Studios
WriterBijesh Jayarajan
Streaming OnAmazon Prime Video
Main Star CastPankaj Tripathi,
Swastika Mukherjee,
Purab Kohli
Aaditya Gupta

The third series's promotional video had previously been made available. A noble family appears in the story's opening scene. Zara Ahuja is the lifeblood of this Ahuja family. Her family is wealthy as a result of Zara. Popular young artist Zara has a big fan base. Zara's parents concentrate on Zara's career and how to keep their daughter alive. Zara's brother Mukul Ahuja, on the other side, is standing in opposition to her. He has a very angry and short fuse. When Zara one day runs away from home to attend a party at night and doesn't come home, the plot twist occurs.

Later, the corpse in the sea with the scorched face from acid pouring discovered her body. His brother Mukul is also a participant in the party, and Mukul and Zara also fight there. A police inquiry finds that Mukul is seen forcing Zara to seat in his car while she is asleep on the hotel's surveillance footage. Following this, his brother is held accountable for Zara's demise.

It will now be interesting to determine whether Mukul is accountable for Zara's death or if everything was a set-up to catch him. The series' first five episodes have been made available on Hotstar. Each of the eight episodes in Criminal Justice season 3 is released on Hotstar every Friday.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Trailer

Criminal Justice Season 3 Episode 6 Review 

Criminal Justice Season 3 Episode 6 Explained in Hindi

Criminal Justice Season 3 Starcast

Sr. No.Real NameRole Name
1Pankaj TripathiMadhav Mishra
2Swastika MukherjeeAvantika Ahuja
3Purab KohliNeeraj Ahuja
4Aaditya GuptaMukul Ahuja
5Deshna DugadZara Ahuja
6Addinath KothareInsp. Prashant Waghmare
7Kalyanee MulaySI Gauri Karmakar
8Khushboo AtreRatna Mishra
9Saahitya PansareASI Ravi Kumar
10Aatm Prakash MishraDeep – Madhav’s Brother-in-law
11Surbhi MittalNeetu – Lekha’s Assistant
12Shweta Basu PrasadAdv. Lekha Piramal
13Gaurav GeraArvind
14Simran SharmaNikita Jain – Social Worker
15Pradeep JangidSI Umesh Bhade
16Bishakha ThapaSonam Mathur – TV Journalist

Criminal Justice Season 3 Total Episodes

Episode No.Episode NameRelease Date
1.A Dark Night26 Aug 2022
2.Web of Lies26 Aug 2022
3.Bail Denied02 Sept 2022
4.Section 1509 Sept 2022
5.Confirmation Bias16 Sept 2022
6.The Breaking Point23 Sept 2022
7.Digging Deeper30 Sept 2022
8.Truth, The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth07 Oct 2022

Criminal Justice Season 3 EP 7 OTT Release Date

On August 26, 2022, the first two episodes of this season of Criminal Justice, "A Dark Night" and "Web of Lies," were made available. The following two episodes, "Bail Denied" and "Section 15," were made available on September 2 and September 9, respectively. Confirmation Bias and The Breaking Point, the fifth and sixth episodes, were similarly released on September 16 and September 23 of 2022.

When it comes to the seventh episode of the programme, "Digging Deeper," it will begin airing on September 30, 2022, only on Disney+Hotstar with a paid subscription. Since its debut on August 27 and continuing until October 7, 2022, the 8-episode series has released new episodes every Friday.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Web Series

In this season of this crime drama series, attorney Madhav Mishra is making every effort to resolve the most difficult cases he has ever taken. A teenage artist named Zara Ahuja inexplicably vanishes on a family vacation and is subsequently discovered dead. It was discovered that her face had been burnt with acid after she had been killed.

Avantika Ahuja, the mother of Zara, then appeals to Madhav Mishra for assistance in resolving the situation and obtaining justice for Zara. Mukul Ahuja, Zara Ahuja's half-brother, is the main suspect in her slaying according to all available information. As new characters and secrets are revealed in each episode, viewers' excitement is at an all-time high. The situations are also getting trickier.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Release Date and Timetable

On Friday, September 23rd, OTT streaming of Criminal Justice season 3 episode 6, also known as Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach, will start.

At 12 AM IST, when this week's episode is anticipated to premiere, Disney Plus Hotstar has already uploaded all of the season three episodes.

* Pacific Time – 11.30 AM (September 22)

* Eastern Time – 2.30 PM (September 22)

* British Time – 7.30 PM (September 22)

* European Time – 8.30 PM (September 22)

* Pakistan Time – 11.30 PM (September 22)

* India Time – 12 AM (September 23)

* Philippine Time – 2.30 AM (September 23)

* Australia Central Time – 4 AM (September 23)

When Criminal Justice season 3 episode 6 becomes available for OTT streaming, Disney Plus Hotstar offers a number of membership plans that will grant access to it:

* Premium – Rs 1499 a year, ad-free, four devices at 4K resolution

* Super – Rs 899 a year, ad-supported, two devices at Full HD resolution

* Mobile – Rs 499 a year, ad-supported, one device at HD resolution

Two alternative mobile payment methods are also available: Rs 199 for six months and Rs 49 for one month.
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